Can a Laptop be Tracked after Factory Reset?

Can a Laptop be Tracked after Factory Reset?

In our article today we’ve addressed one of the most frequent questions asked by people, i.e., Can a Laptop be Tracked after a Factory Reset? To find out more information about this, please read the article.

Are you worried that your laptop has been stolen and you’re trying to find it by locating it? It is likely that the person who stole it, took it to the black market. The person who took it home would have done an initial reset.

The most important question to be asked in this case is: Can a Laptop be Tracked after a Factory Reset? There are a variety of ways to track your laptop, for instance, the built-in tracking system includes a serial number and internet protocol address (IP address), cloud connections and so on.

This is possible if your laptop is not altered and everything is exactly what it is. However, if your laptop is factory reset, the likelihood of a laptop being traced is drastically reduced.

If you’re interested to find out whether laptops can be tracked after a factory reset? If yes, what can be completed? We recommend that you read the entire guide until the very end.



How can a laptop be tracked after a factory reset?

It’s surprising to learn that there’s a method by that laptops can be tracked following the factory reset. This is only possible when you’ve activated the feature Computrace inside the BIOS on your laptop. When it is enabled it will mean that your laptop will “ping home’ when it is the laptop is linked via the web.

If it wasn’t enabled in your BIOS you won’t be able to have any success in tracking down the laptop’s factory reset.

What is Computrace?

Computrace is one of the most well-known applications that is integrated into the laptop’s firmware (BIOS). The application was first introduced in 2005 by the company Absolute Software and was originally referred to as LoJack to be used on Laptops.

The program was created for the sole purpose of find laptops that have been stolen or lost, and also to provide other features that enabled users to use the program to delete their files remote locks, remote lock and locate quickly their stolen or lost laptop.

The anti-theft program is extremely effective in locating your laptop that was stolen or lost. If it is activated in the event of your laptop being stolen or lost the program will find your laptop. Once it determines the current position of the laptop, it informs the police in your area with all the relevant information they need to assist in recovering the laptop.

It’s unfortunate that not many people have heard of this wonderful application; so don’t install it for security reasons. Even if you’ve installed Computrace in your notebook, but it wasn’t turned on then there’s no reason to have it.


How do I enable Computrace on the laptop?

Here are the steps you must follow to make sure that Computrace is enabled successfully on your laptop. It will be fully functional in the event in an emergency.

  • Turn on your laptop.
  • When your laptop’s logo is displayed when it appears, hit your “F2” key.
  • Scroll down with the keyboard, and then locate “Security” and then click on it.
  • Click on ‘Computrace(R)’.
  • Once you’ve completed the process, ensure that you have highlighted the “Activate” symbol in the center.

Is Computrace compatible in conjunction with Linux?

If you have a Linux PC, the smooth operation of Computrace can be a major challenge for you. The primary reason is that the built-in feature isn’t visible on Linux PCs, and as a result, it is difficult for users to connect to the feature.

Additionally, the primary goal is that the primary goal of Computrace is to completely take over the computer completely and complete what is not able to accomplish with operating systems. Operating System.

Given that certain aspects of Computrace can be used on Linux PCs, while others do not work at all.


Does it make sense to change my BIOS chip without having to remove Computrace?

Sometimes, the BIOS chips aren’t performing properly and they aren’t functional anymore. This could be a sign that your device needs an update. Because it is the Basic input/output System is a socketed PLCC or DIP chip it should be handled with care.

Remove the old chip with careful consideration and either replace it once it has been reprogrammed to the most recent BIOS code version or install a new and brand-new BIOS chip.

In the question of whether you are able to swap the BIOS chip in your laptop, without having to remove Computrace Computrace or not The answer is yes. It is possible to swap out the older model of the BIOS chip without having to disable or remove your Computrace the LoJack program.

How can I tell whether there is Computrace installed on my PC?

As we all know, this anti-theft component built into the security isn’t available in every computer or laptop; it is recommended to test to determine if your computer includes it or it does not. To determine this take these instructions:

  • Use the keyboard key combinations CTRL + Shift + Esc on your keyboard.
  • The task manager will appear in Windows Task Manager. Windows Task Manager.
  • In the manager, click the “Services” tab.
  • A comprehensive list of the services running on your laptop will be displayed here.
  • Click “Name” to ensure that the options are alphabetized, making your search more efficient.
  • Scroll slowly down until you are in the Name column, search at rpcnet.exe.
  • When you have found it, look for the word “Computrace” found in the Description.

If you find an entry that is duplicate, it indicates that your laptop is running Computrace installed and is running. If you are unable to locate it on the complete list, it’s likely that there isn’t any built-in Computrace software running on your computer or laptop.


What is Computrace removed from BIOS?

Although the installation of the software Computrace onto your notebook could be an enormous help in the event of theft or loss. It is also important to know how to deactivate the program from your BIOS. The steps are:

  • Press your power button and switch off your laptop.
  • Restart your laptop and wait for the name to show.
  • When you can see it when you see it, hit the key F2.
  • From here, click the option ‘Security’.
  • There are three options from which you have to select “Disable”.
  • Now, Press Enter.

Note: Once you have disabled the Computrace feature in your BIOS, you won’t be able to reactivate it. So, make sure to think carefully before making the choice. 

  • Save your new BIOS settings by pressing the F10 key; the computer will restart.

Do I have to remove Computrace from the BIOS of my computer?

If you want to not just disable but completely remove this Computrace LoJack software entirely from your BIOS, then we inform you that it’s also possible. You can do this using the following steps:

  • Start Google on the laptop.
  • Visit this website to visit the Absolute Software Official website.
  • There is an instruction to uninstall Computrace from your computer.
  • Complete the form and click “Submit.’
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Absolute to confirm that the decision was made in the intention of the owner himself.
  • After you’ve verified your request after which the company will take away the Computrace LoJack in your BIOS.

Is wiping away Computrace an intelligent move?

Computer theft is no longer an issue in the current rapidly-changing world. We see these kinds of robberies each day, in which various kinds of valuables are taken from innocent persons.

In the event of the theft of laptops the whole incident is quite traumatizing. Laptops are an expensive investment that is not affordable for everyone to purchase. Furthermore, they come packed with lots of personal details about the person who owns it.

The primary concern following the theft of a laptop is the intrusion into the privacy of a person This is the reason why owners attempt to get their stolen device back. To accomplish this there are many apps.

Computrace is one of the most popular and trusted security software programs to assist users in locating their devices. It must however be enabled manually prior to activation. Anyone who would like to disable Computrace LoJack Computrace LoJack doesn’t seem to make the right decision.

Because this application adds a lot to the overall protection that your PC has, what’s the reason to not disable it? As per our advice, it’s not an ideal option to erase Computrace completely on your PC.


We don’t know when luck will be thrown off and we fall into a trap of theft It is always better to remain an inch ahead. In this day and age, when losing personal belongings to a burglar isn’t really unusual, it is important to be extremely cautious and take all precautionary steps in advance.

If a laptop gets stolen, the person who uses it tries to reset the factory settings on it as soon as they can as it locks every door to trace the laptop. If, however, you are conscious of an anti-theft application, i.e., Computrace and have it enabled within the laptop’s BIOS it is possible to determine where the lost laptop has been.

We hope that this guide was a great help to answer the most commonly asked question ‘ Can a Laptop be Tracked after Factory Reset?’ along with other questions that pop into one’s head.

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