How to Charge Laptop with HDMI?

Being without a battery when performing a task is a hassle and gets more difficult when you discover the laptop’s battery isn’t working, or you’re unable to locate it. In these situations, there are a few methods to charge your laptop to use for short-term needs. I have explained the procedure that How to Charge Laptop with HDMI?

Charging a laptop using HDMI

The laptop’s charging is among the most essential elements, particularly for users who work with laptops that operate in standalone mode. There are occasions that you have to recharge your laptop, but it isn’t able to charge it with your laptop charger. There may be a variety of reasons. Therefore, there are alternative methods for charging your laptop. One of which is to charge your laptop via HDMI There are 2 methods to do this:

  • The laptop can be charged using HDMI to HDMI Cable
  • Charge the laptop with HDMI with a Type C cable
How to Charge Laptop with HDMI?
How to Charge Laptop with HDMI?

Charging the Laptop using HDMI to HDMI Cable

This is only possible If you have an HDMI port connected to your laptop, and your TV is also equipped with it. HDMI port. Therefore, connect both ends of your HDMI cable to the laptop and the other to your television. Then, check if your charging light is on, and If not, then test your connections at both ends. 

Don’t forget to switch on your television. Be aware that charging is very slow, therefore don’t anticipate seeing a fast-charging speed, in addition, it only works for a short time. If you are looking to purchase the HDMI cable to HDMI cable, then check out this website.

Charging the Laptop from HDMI to Type C Cable

The laptop makers tend to favour lighter weight and slim designs laptops. To accomplish this, they are cutting down on how many ports are that are available on laptops. If you find that your laptop doesn’t have the HDMI ports, you’ll have at least an HDMI adapter to type C or Type B adapter. This scenario is most often encountered on Apple laptops.

Once you have the right adaptor, just connect the first side of your cable to the TV and the other side that has been converted to your computer. Make sure that your charge light is on and if not, make sure you have the correct connections, or try plugging cables into your ports.



  • Can my laptop be charged without a battery?

    The simplest method of charging your laptop is using an energy bank. The power bank is a portable battery for your laptop. All you have to connect your power bank with the laptop. The greatest feature of the power bank is they do not require to

  • Can HDMI carry power?

    With HDMI Cable Power, the cable draws 300 milliamps from the 5V power supply from the power source. HDMI Connectors already have 5V power.

  • Does USB-C or HDMI charge?

    t's not true, HDMI does not have anything to have to do to charge.

  • Can USB-C to HDMI charge laptop?

    Its USB-C HDMI Plus Charge Adapter connects to your tablet or laptop via the USB-C port it provides an HDMI port to display video as well as a USB-C port for power. Its Plug-and Play design is compatible for Mac and Windows laptops and other USB-C devices.


The charger isn’t accessible or finding out it’s not working at the last minute could be very frustrating, particularly when you’re stuck on something you are working on. But, there are alternatives to temporary methods it is possible to charge the laptop. One of them is to use HDMI cables. HDMI cable. I’ve explained two methods of charging your laptop via an HDMI port in-depth, and also some important points you need to remember.

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