How to keep Laptop Cool while Gaming?

Overheating is a major issue when it comes to gaming laptops. We’ll explain ways How to keep Laptop Cool while Gaming?.  Regardless of how lengthy or intense the gaming game is.

Gaming laptops truly are something else. They’re (relatively) lightweight, mobile, and packed with the power of a desktop’s worth of processing, However, their small size is also their biggest drawback.



Even ordinary laptops generate and hold up a great deal of heat. If you put an efficient GPU within it, and the problem becomes even more extreme.

There is only so much hardware makers can do to keep an encroached space cool when both the GPU and CPU are working at their peak.

How do you ensure your laptop stays cool during playing?

It’s good news that you can do a variety of ways to ensure the cooling system on your PC is working properly. You can also give it a little extra push too!!

How to keep Laptop Cool while Gaming?
How to keep Laptop Cool while Gaming?

Read on to find out what we’re talking about.

Step One: Proper Placement

How to keep Laptop Cool while Gaming?

Place in a Better Position

Most importantly, the laptop should be set on a level and solid surface when it’s in use of, especially when it’s being used for a long time.

If placed on a soft surface, such as your bed or lap all the fans’ intakes in the underside are blocked, blocking airflow and hindering coolant from working effectively. In contrast in the case of hard surfaces, a laptop’s rubber feet lift it slightly, allowing the fans to draw in enough cool air.

If you don’t have a solid surface to put the laptop, you could choose either of the following

  • Place this on the lap and take care not to be blocking the intake of the fan.
  • Make it higher by making use of a book or box, or another solid object to make a stand.


Step Two: Cleaning

Given that air is continuously moving through laptops it is inevitable that dust accumulation is inevitable. The only way is to stop this, but the best thing you can do is to clean your laptop frequently usually at least every 3 to 6 months.

How to Keep Laptop Cool while Gaming?

Dust Cleaning

Cleaning a laptop is a breeze. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Purchase the container filled with compressed air. This is the sole tool you’ll require to get your laptop clean and without opening the laptop.
  2. Check that your laptop isn’t running and has had the chance to cool before you start.
  3. Keep the laptop upright to reveal the intake grilles of the fan on the side.
  4. Place the can in close proximity to the grille, and spray. Important: Always make sure that the can is placed in an upright position. Otherwise, the liquid could leak out and harm the hardware.
  5. The laptop should be moved and tilted around so that you can clean the intake completely at every point. Keep doing this until you are able to no longer see any dust getting out.
  6. Repeat this process for each subsequent intake.

Step Three: Additional Cooling

In addition to taking steps to make sure that the laptop’s cooling system is operating well, did you realize you could also purchase the notebook cooler which is also known as cooler pad or cooling pad, as they’re often known?

How To Keep Laptop Cool while Gaming?

Cooling Pad

This is a very basic and affordable accessory that will greatly aid in addressing any issues with overheating that you may have. In truth, a cooling pad is almost essential for Gaming laptops.

The method by which cooling pads function is easy they are placed on the ground, put the laptop over top then connect them to one of the USB ports on your laptop then let the fan(s) take over the job. You will notice lower temperatures when you play for long sessions due to the increase in airflow.


Additional Measures (How to Keep Laptop Cool while Gaming?)

If you’ve done all of the above yet your laptop keeps overheating, there is most likely an underlying hardware or software issue that needs to be addressed.

Insufficiently Powerful Hardware

Yes, a dedicated GPU is bound to generate quite a bit of temperature, however if you’re dealing with a low-end GPU that’s being over-pushed by the latest games, the temperature may exceed their limits. It’s the same for CPUs equipped with integrated graphics processors (nearly all Intel processor) or any AMD’s APUs.

If you notice significant performance decreases that are accompanied by the increase in temperature, it signifies that your graphics processor has getting to the point of reaching dangerous temperatures. In this situation, it is necessary to speed up the cooling by clearing it, or by purchasing an air cooling pad or both.

If this doesn’t work There are two options you can try:

1. Reduce the settings in-game. Naturally, this will allow the GPU to operate less efficiently and, consequently, it will produce less heat. It’s recommended to start with features that are GPU-intensive, such as ambient obstruction as well as anti-aliasing. However, reducing the resolution of your display is a guaranteed method to help an old or weak GPU stay ahead of technology.

2. You should consider the external graphics card. They are a great option to have desktop-quality graphics on a laptop as well as greatly cutting down on internal heat generation. However, they can be expensive, and you must be sure that your processor is capable of handling the GPU.

Faulty Fans

The majority of laptops (especially those designed to be used for gaming) include several internal fans to help keep the entire system cool. If one of the fans failed to function there would be a significant increase in temperatures.

How to Cool Laptop while Gaming?

Faulty Fan

The best method to determine this without accessing the laptop is to listen with your ears.

Simply place the laptop under a heavy load, ensuring that all fans are operating at high speed. Also, pay attention to the frequency of inlet.

 There are two signs that you should keep your eye on or, more accurately your ear to look at.

1. Rattling – A damaged fan will likely produce a variety of grinding, rattling or heaving sounds long before it is completely destroyed. If your fan is producing any noise other than the normal humming sound of an oscillating fan. There is a possibility that it’s not functioning at its full capacity

2. Silence – It is obvious that fans will not sit still when the laptop is under heavy stress. If you find that a fan makes absolutely no sound when the laptop is under stress the fan is certain to be damaged and needs to be replaced.

Today, working on laptops isn’t the same as using a desktop PC. It’s recommended that you repair your laptop by a certified professional.


It is true that tinkering with laptops is not as simple as desktop computers. It is better to get your expensive gaming laptop fixed by a professional rather than by yourself.

Our tips can give you a solid start to answering this question How to Keep Laptop Cool while Gaming? If you’re not an expert in computer science. It is best to consult a friend or an expert for help.

Do not remove the screws from your laptop when it’s still covered under a warranty. Because it will invalidate the warranty!

If none of the above suggestions help, there could be a problem with one of your hardware components.If the laptop you have is more recent and covered by a warranty, it’s not too late to contact the manufacturer. Tell them about the issue, as the manufacturer is usually well-versed in the problem. They will be able to provide more tips specific to your laptop.

You can also look through forums specifically for your laptop and gain useful information. If your laptop is old could be that the system is not built to cope with the load of the latest games and software. In this scenario, the only thing that can be done is to purchase a new laptop. can bring improvements in the event that you can’t be without the most recent gaming software.

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